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"The team at Title Solutions Agency have been a game changer for me. As things started to pick up in our market, I needed a title company that would turn around title commitments and closing packages with speed and accuracy. They have been that title solution I was looking for."
-Ken Pozek, Keller Williams Realty
"For 12 years Brian, Tina and the Title Solutions Agency team have been providing my team with first-class title services/solutions. His team helped in the development of some of our back room processes. Title Solutions was a partner rather than just a 3rd party vendor. The saying that the last 1% is all the customer remembers is true, and, more times than I wish to admit, Title Solutions saved the day and the relationship for us. Don’t wait until it’s too late; partner with Title Solutions today!"
-Jeffrey M. Levine, Senior VP of Consumer Lending, Level One Bank
"I have really appreciated the level of service, professionalism, and accountability I have come to expect as standard protocol when dealing with Title Solutions. I have been very confident having Title Solutions as one of the companies I recommend to my clients. I also like the fact that, like myself, they are licensed to do business in many states, and that coverage makes my professional life that much easier. They are a great group, stock full of consummate professionals who truly take pride in their work."
-Rick Richter, EVP, Gold Star Financial
"We have been using Title Solutions Agency consistently for over 7-8 years now…. No one has ever matched their ability to conform to the current environment at any given time. By this I mean they turn their commitments around with lightning speed. They are able to give us updates and searches quickly. Their closing department turns the closing HUD-1’s within hours of getting the package, and their closers I have complete trust and faith in. They are great. Title Solutions Agency not only succeeds in one avenue of its business but in all parts from start to finish. Their team always out-performs and out-services their competitors day in and day out. Basically Title Solutions Agency exceeds our expectations by miles every day. So for this, I just wanted to say thanks for doing a fantastic job and not conforming to “industry average” like everyone else. It does not go unnoticed and my commitment back to them is 100%. Bottom line—their delivery makes us all better and look good. Keep up the great work. I am a huge fan of Title Solutions Agency."
-Troy J. Fairbanks, Ross Mortgage Corporation